We’ll build a foundation
for property that sells.

Marketing and selling a boutique or large-scale residential project comes down to more than an awe-inspiring architectural design, location and quality construction. It’s all about creative, individually tailored Project Marketing.

Our approach at Estia Residential is to strategically position your project to a market that appreciates the key fundamentals of design, location and quality while also encapsulating the vision and development expectations of the development team. We collaborate with stakeholders from concept to completion and endeavour to ascertain the company motivations and requirements for current and future projects.

From there we focus on those who will ultimately transmute your vision into a reality – the customer. We evaluate their design requirements, analysing their specific needs and wants ensuring the development team deliver a product that is saleable and meets the constantly changing market and client expectations.

At Estia Residential we are solution driven, offer a first class ‘hands on’ service and have an experienced team of Directors and Consultants, all of who have a clear understanding of project development, marketing and sales.